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About Thomas Gagliano

Tom holds a Master’s degree in social work, bachelor’s degree in business, and a C-MAT certificate. Tom attributes most of his expertise and wisdom, however, to his life experiences.

“I believe that experience and expertise go hand in hand”.

My experience, overcoming my own issues, revealed the process for self- improvement. These issues began in childhood when I turned to bullying as an outlet; and as an adult, towards addiction. I sabotaged the intimate relationships in my life. I then realized I had to fix the damage within me in order to fix the damage I caused in my relationships.  

My expertise is teaching a methodology which has helped hundreds of individuals, couples and parents build healthier relationships with themselves and each other.”

We have to challenge ourselves to take different actions. That struggle presents the greatest opportunity for growth. When you’re ready for that challenge, I'll help you find the answers you're seeking and provide you with the tools to keep you and your family on track.

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