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I’m a relationship expert but what does an expert in relationship mean and how do you find the right person to help you? The goal should be to enhance all your interpersonal relationships but first a relationship expert needs to help you understand that you are the solution to your problem. You’re the key ingredient to a new and happy life. We are the common denominator in all our relationships. If we build a better relationship with ourselves every relationship in our lives will change. My approach begins with building self-awareness. With that, you have a better chance of making good choices. A pattern of good choices, over time, leads to healthy habits helping the person take control of their life. Sometimes we have to challenge ourselves to take the different actions. That struggle presents the greatest opportunity to grow. What I teach comes from following those who had what I wanted, true satisfaction with themselves and those they love. I'll help you find the answers you're seeking and you'll finally have the tools to keep you and your family on track.

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