My Story Published In Dadly 2

I take great pleasure introducing you to a dad and author whom I have followed and been impressed with for a long time; Hogan Hilling, author of Dadly 2.

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Permission to Make Mistakes

PERMISSION TO MAKE MISTAKES – How do I feel when I make a mistake and what messages do I give my children when they make mistakes. What was the message given to us when we made mistakes as children? Were mistakes an opportunity to learn and grow or did we internalize ourselves as a mistake.…

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The Power of a Message

Our childhood messages, verbal and non-verbal, are ingrained deep within. We may try to repress them, deny them, manipulate the truth about them, even medicate them, but eventually the bill will be paid in adulthood. These messages can affect our lives in several ways. The intimacy we have or don’t have, our ability to cope…

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