The Problem Was Me by Tom Gagliano & Dr. Abraham Twerski

I was facing difficulty in having my own identity and living the life I wanted because of the responsibilities and commitment to my family and career. It was causing me to look for others in my life to change and not seeing how I was responsible for my own experience. I felt stuck, restless and hopeless. Tom helped me not only become a more free and powerful man, but gave me the tools and skills to happily stay committed to my family and career. As a result, I increased my overall satisfaction in life while staying true to my values and while creating a more open, harmonious and balanced relationship with my family.   Now, I am able to enjoy my life as the man I always wanted to be while becoming a positive role model for my children and a real team player with my wife. Without Tom's help I would still be figuring out how to make life work for me and not realize I had the power inside me all along.

Ken Baldo, Coaching Client
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Tom has taught us how to communicate openly and honestly. Now we can share our feelings and be heard without fear of hurting each other. Learning how to be emotionally intimate has made physical intimacy better than ever. Thank you, Tom.


Joel R. & Barbara W.
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Childhood trauma and the belief system we grew up with often determine how we interact with others as adults. For me, the messages I took into adulthood were that I wasn't good enough and unworthy of being loved.   After a few sessions with Tom I began to see myself in a whole new light. My family noticed a difference in me too. Tom is not only knowledgeable but most importantly he is compassionate. Tom changed my life forever.


Joel R.

Before I met Tom and started with his group I had difficulty with relating to my wife. In Tom's group we learn about relationships and what it takes to be honest and maintain intimacy. I would recommend Tom's group to anyone seeking to improve their interpersonal relationship skills.



Rick P.