Thomas Gagliano, has partnered with the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) for the last two years. Parents of children enrolled in the Head Start Start-State Preschool program have heard Mr. Gagliano speak at the Annual Parent Involvement Academy, the LACOE/LAMEC Father Engagement Conference, the Families and Fatherhood Conference, and during the LACOE Policy Council meeting.  Mr. Gagliano shared information on bullying, positive communication, increasing intimacy, strengthening marriage, parenting, and addiction.

Mr. Gagliano presented three consecutive workshops during the Male Engagement Conference.  There was a group of young men that stayed for all three workshops and on their way out said:

“This guy was great; I wanted to hear everything he had to say.”

“It all makes sense; now I know what I can do. I am going home a better man”.

“I did not want to leave my seat, it sounded like he was talking to me and understood what I was going through.  I am not alone, other men feel this way too.”

Whenever Mr. Gagliano is present he has a line of people waiting to speak with him including my staff. Many good people are experiencing hurt, depression, or just need a little parenting advice. Mr. Gagliano has always been very generous with his time and continues to keep in contact to learn how he can be of assistance.  He is very appreciated.

Sandra Ybanez, MA, Los Angeles County Office of Education - Head Start-State Preschool Division

I Crossed paths with Thomas 3 years ago, while planning our annual Find The Fire Telesummit. He blew us away with his keen insight and realistic advice for parents and how they relate to their children. This past year he brought this same down to earth, candid wisdom to the table during our Escaping the Hurt Box Summit. You are never left disappointed when he is involved and always gives 110%. It's been an honour to work with him.

Elisa Gary, Inspired Conferences, a virtual venue

Mr. Gagliano graciously accepted to speak to the Westchester County Youth Workers.  The group were composed of a diverse set of individuals that dedicate a large portion of their time to youth.  The reason for the presentation was to make youth workers aware of how their own childhood struggles can affect the youth they interact with.  They may be survivors of their own trauma, but they might be unaware of how they can bring their negative triggers into the youth environment unintentionally.  Mr. Gagliano made the workers aware of how past trauma are reenacted in present time and how past voices can affect their present actions and reactions.  He also included information on what the youth workers need to do in order to care for themselves and how  important it is for them to develop supports the themselves.  He was very effective.  My own staff were surprised at the reactions of the audience.  Mr. Gagliano was down to earth and passionate.  These were qualities appreciated by all that were fortunate to hear him.  I appreciate him greatly.

Dr. Iris T. Pagan, Westchester County Youth Bureau


Thomas has been on our program, Joy in Our Town, twice and has brought some incredible insight into what creates some of the roles each of us play in our society. He breaks it down in terms for anyone to understand and, therefore, form strategies that will help correct and/or improve their lives.

Evan Eley, Director of Public Affairs, Trinity Broadcasting Network

Thomas Gagliano has been a guest on my syndicated radio show on numerous occasions. He is insightful, informative, inspirational and down-to-Earth. He brings a very personal perspective to universal themes. He relates his own experiences and life-lessons in a way that they become Surprisingly familiar to anyone who has dealt with similar issues.

Richard Stevens, The Richard Stevens Show

Tom Gagliano delivers an inspiring message of hope to individuals who have felt trapped in a cycle of self sabotaging behavior. In a voice that is powerful, yet gentle and compassionate, Tom has the ability to capture the imagination and engage the spirit of his listeners!

Veronica Faisant, Producer/Host

Every once in a while, a radio guest comes along with not only pertinent information to share, but also a heart of gold. Thomas Gagliano was that guest for my show, Sharkie's PEP Talk on Healthy Life Radio. He is one of the few people who actually takes responsibility for his life, and teaches others to do the same. His humility, positive perception, gratitude, and willingness to learn from life's challenges are refreshing traits in a world that blames and whines about every little problem. His amazing book, The Problem Was Me, should be required reading for everyone.

Sharkie Zartman

...helpful to anyone who wants to break the cycle of self-defeating thoughts and self-destructive behaviors.

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